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KHANG DAI solar water system uses solar energy as the main source of energy, it automatically absorbs the solar energy, converts it into heat energy. The features of the system include: safety, economical feature and high environmental protection. In the present time, other sources of energy such as: coal, oil, gas, etc., are being in shortage and their costs are continuously increased. The use of natural source of energy in general and solar energy in particular is being developed and used as a new source of energy by many countries worldwide.
According to the survey, Vietnam is located in the equator area, potential for solar energy, average radiation intensity is around 1,346.80 – 2,153.50 kWh/ m2/ year and average number of sunshine hours is 1,600 – 2,720 h/year, very convenient for the development and use of solar energy.
KHANG DAI solar water system uses the vacuum heat retention tube made in borum glass, particularly hard, with 2 layers, quick absorption, high efficiency, durability in high temperature environment, and manufactured under German technology.  The system inner part is made of SUS 304-2B stainless steel, welded under the high-frequency welding method, the system cover is made of nonferrous steel and imported aluminium-coated zinc, temperature maintaining layer is 3cm thick, in Polyarethane Foam, efficient for long heat maintaining, the length of heat maintaining inside the system may reach 72 hours.  The temperature of KHANG DAI solar water system may reach 90oC.  Life-span of the system is over 15 years, as recognised by the Branch for Standard - Metrology & Quality (under the DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY OF HCMC) to meet the quality standards applicable to commodities (in conformity with the popularised standard No.: TC01-2005/CTY-KD dated 26 May 2005).
With a professional team in combination with the leading specialists in the application of solar energy technology, we shall definitely bring you satisfaction, peace in mind and the highest reliability.


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